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United Spectrum Company is proud to offer the world's best customized systems of high-precision micro assembly and micro production technology for  Characterization and Packaging for Silicon Photonic Devices to our clients in India. Opto-electronic device packaging to protect optical, laser and photodiodes which are used in sensor technology from harsh conditions.

Nano Test Combo SiP : Characterization and Packaging for Silicon Photonics Devices

The High-Precision Characterization and Packaging system for for Integrated Photonics / Silicon Photonic Devices is made in Germany by Nanosystec Gmbh, which is superior in quality and good support. We are the leading supplier of high precision, high quality, highly reliable micro assembly & micro production for opto-electronics IC packaging, Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC’s) industries in India. We also offer Epoxy gluing, pick and place, laser welding and optical/electrical testing systems. This NanoTest Combo SiP system is more suitable for academic research, which are carried out in various colleges & Universities. Especially designed for the requirements of Silicon Photonics devices, Integrated Photonic Devices, the NanoTest Combo SiP is ideal for the optical and electrical characterization of structures on up to 12" wafer diameter.  Electrical probes are manually positioned and the wafer is moved underneath the probes from device to device. The optional wafer chuck is temperature controlled between 20° C and 100° C

If packaging capability is required, the central chuck is replaced with a versatile mounting interface. Resin dispensation and UV curing, laser welding and/or laser soldering capability will be added. The alignment stacks precisely position optical components such as fibers, fiber arrays, lenses, lens arrays, detectors and lasers.

World’s Best Characterisation and Packaging of Silicon Photonics Devices Station in India

  • Advanced Technology
  • High Quality
  • High Reliable
  • Good Support
  • Made in Germany

Suitable for 8" or 12" wafers
20 nm resolution/100 nm repeatability for optical probing
0.3 µm resolution/1 µm repeatability for electrical probing
Heated Chuck Option
Optional Packaging Capability

  • Optical and Electrical Testing for Active Devices
    Simultaneous electrical and optical Characterization
    2 x 6 axes active alignment
    Optional Height Mapping
    Optional Packaging Capability (Epoxy Gluing, Laser Welding and/or Laser Soldering)
    Customized Adaptation


For Characterization and Packaging for Silicon Photonics Devices enquiry and to discuss more about your application requirement, with one of our laser engineer. To know Characterisation of Characterization and Packaging for Silicon Photonics Devices machine price, Please call us direct on +91 9789904948 or visit our regional office or complete the request form and we will contact you, as soon as possible. We United Spectrum company also offer the best quality laser marking, laser cutting, laser texturing, laser engraving, laser cleaning, laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardening, laser shock peening, laser micro machines in India.