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If you are looking for a high quality Powder Deposition Laser Welding Machine manufacturer, distributor, supplier in Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin, Bangalore,Hyderabad, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We United Spectrum  company offer the best Powder Deposition Laser Welding Machines in India.


Powder Deposition Laser Welding Machine

United Spectrum company is the official distributor of Sigma Laser GmbH (Germany) products for Indian territory.

The rising need for affordable powder deposition laser welding system solutions for very limited series or individual parts inspired us to create a new laser welding method. This technology for laser welding systems is for individual needs and especially for start-ups. We have incorporated feedback from our clients in addition to our own realistic knowledge. The powder deposition laser welding system's practically oriented operation offers sufficient user comfort for effective laser welding.

The mobile laser welding system can be moved near to the workpiece, or the workpiece can be moved near to the laser welding system. In many cases, the mould does not need to be dismantled. The laser welding system guarantees mobility within the manufacturing facilities.These energy-efficient mobile laser welding systems merge versatility with consistency and are the first option when welding large tools. They still have the validated modular design with  additional options may therefore be flexibly retrofitted.

Precision for particular applications

Fitted with a low-maintenance fibre laser, these handheld laser welding solutions are successfully utilised in tools and mould industry and also in many fields, such as aerospace, the automotive industry and medical equipment.This method of powder deposition laser welding is already used by a wide range of metal-processing industries, including in the tool and mould manufacturing, automotive and oil industry (Oil and Gas).

Laser deposition welding can be Precise, Quick, and Distortion-Free: For making the damaged injection moulding, punching, and forming tools look like new one. The ideal technique for repairing moulds is laser welding. As only a small volume of material is melted, it allows a particularly fine energy dosage. By means of the controllable pulse shape, stresses can be removed, resulting in crack-free welding. By selecting the required filler wire, the hardness and strength of the base material is replicated or picked. Preheating the mould is typically not required.

Flexibility thanks to mobility

Complete versatility is guaranteed by the movable construction on swivel castors. In the transport position, the rotating and swivelling arm is positioned steadily. The removable display also makes system operation and reliable control of the laser parameters easier. With full versatility and accuracy, the schemes inspire. Also on large parts or in hard to access places, their swivel arm with a length of up to 1,830 mm makes comfortable operation. Furthermore, the systems can be safely transported, taking up little space.

World’s Best Powder Deposition Laser Welding System in India

  • Advanced Technology
  • High Quality
  • High Reliable
  • Good Support
  • Made in Germany

Minimal heat affected zone
Ideal for spot welding and seam welding
Nearly Maintenance Free
High Efficiency
Improved Weld Quality
Reduced Cost

  • Four-axis machine (x, y, z, c)
    High range
    Pivoting resonator
    Heavy duty swivel castors for safe positioning
    Removable display with magnetic holder
    Low-maintenance, energy-efficient fibre laser radiation source

  • Laser Welding Machine for Tools and Moulding
    Laser Welding Machine for Medical Devices
    Laser Welding Machine for Ship Building
    Laser Welding Machine for Electronics
    Laser Welding Machine for Jewellery
    Laser Welding Machine for Battery Tab Welding



  • Highlights+
    • Die-Mould Laser Welding
      YAG Laser Welding
      Handheld Fiber Laser welding
      QCW Laser Welding
      Laser Welding of Lithium Ion Battery Machine
      Laser Welding of Battery Tab
      Laser welding batteries for electric vehicles


  • Software+
    • Sigma Pro

      Control of the laser system and software are coordinated (no external control)
      Programmes can be saved (mass production)
      Visual advance display of the programmed welding path
      Command output in G-code for control
      Retrieving different welding parameters for individual track sections possible
      Integrated camera software for monitoring the welding process
      Possibility of video recording
      Teach-in function of all four axes (X-Y-Z and turning device)
      No programming knowledge required

      Remote Diagnosis  Software & Hardware

      Monitoring of all electronic modules
      USB connection to the controller
      Lamp monitoring
      Monitoring of cooling water quality
      Temperature monitoring of the electronics
      Monitoring of the power supply
      Hardware monitoring of the safety elements


For Powder Deposition Laser Welding Machine  enquiry  and to discuss more about your application requirement, with one of our laser engineer. To know the laser welding machine price, Laser Welding samples, Please call us direct on +91 9789904948 or Visit our regional office or complete the request form and we will contact you, as soon as possible. We United Spectrum company also offer the best quality laser marking, laser cutting, laser texturing, laser engraving, laser cleaning, laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardening, laser shock peening, laser micro machines in India.