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If you are looking distributor,supplier, manufacturer of Ultrafast Laser System in Chennai, Coimbatore, Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. We United Spectrum company offer the best Ultrafast Laser Systems in India.

Ultrafast Laser System with picosecond fiber laser

United Spectrum Instruments offers the Best Ultrafast laser machine now in India with German technology.The femtosecond lasers, picosecond lasers, and attosecond lasers are commonly referred to as ultrafast lasers, and can also be called ultra short-pulse lasers.

The corrosion-resistant, reading-angle-independent black marking is a newly developed procedure that works only with a picosecond laser. The ultrafast laser generates a functional microstructure entirely without melting burrs. Blackening is achieved not via formation of an oxide layer (annealing marking), but via optical effects from the microstructure created in the material. The black marking is not dependent on reading angle. Ideal for UDI markings on surgical or medical devices. High-contrast, “white” surface markings that are very easy to read can be produced on glass or sapphire surfaces. The substrate integrity is not impaired by micro crack formation, which is minimal.

Latest generation of ultra-short-pulse fiber lasers offers completely new laser material processing capabilities. The corrosion-resistant, reading-angle-independent black marking of stainless steel and metals is only one of the highlights of the picosecond fiber laser. The “cold” processing procedure is made possible by the very short, high-intensity energy transfer below the material relaxation time – the material is vaporized almost instantaneously. The material has no time to conduct energy to the neighbouring material in the form of heat. This represents the ideal conditions for micro machining thin layers or metal, polymer, or glass films or foils.

The picosecond fiber laser is also eminently suited to fine-cutting ultra-thin films and foils such as those used in the battery industry. Polymers and thermoplastic layers can also be cut, resulting in outstanding edge quality.The picosecond fiber laser allows high-precision removal of thin, conductive oxide, anti-reflective/nitride, or metal layers used in thin-film or silicon solar cells. The creation of microstructures in these alloys is a further characteristic of the new picosecond fiber laser generation.


Advantage of ultrafast laser machines for scientific and industrial applications.

1. Cold Removal Of Material With Picosecond Lasers / Femto Second Lasers

2. Ultra High Precision With Better Details

3. Very Best Surface Quality Of Laser Engraving, Laser Structuring, Laser Patterning etc.,

4. Use Of Full Potential For Versatile Applications

5. High Engraving Speed With A Very High Ablation Rate.

6. Possibilities Of Engraving Different Material

7. Hydrophobic (Water And Dirt Repellent) Surfaces With Ultrashort Pulse Lasers.

Ultrafast laser machine which offers high speed laser cutting and also ability to do laser marking, precise engraving.

Laser Cutting and Marking Combination
Laser Drilling and Laser Cutting Combination
High Precision and Burr Free Edge Quality
Contactless Laser Cutting Process
Laser Cutting of complex shapes
High Speed Laser Cutting

  • Highly reliable micro laser engraving machines provides a high precision  laser Cutting process over the tool.

    Nanosecond Fiber Laser
    Picosecond Fiber Laser
    High Speed Laser Galvo Scan head

  • Ultrafast laser for Aerospace
    Ultrafast laser for Automotive
    Ultrafast laser for Mould
    Ultrafast laser for Medical
    Ultrafast laser for Jewellery
    Ultrafast laser for Tools

  • Stainless Steel 


For Ultrafast Industrial Laser System enquiry and to discuss more about your application requirement, with one of our laser engineer. To know the Ultrafast Industrial Laser System price, Ultrafast Industrial Laser samples, Please call us direct on +91 9789904948 or Visit our regional office or complete the request form and we will contact you, as soon as possible. We United Spectrum company also offer the best quality laser marking, laser cutting, laser texturing, laser engraving, laser cleaning, laser welding, laser cladding, laser hardening, laser shock peening, laser micro machines in India.